Hedgelawn Farm

Hedgelawn is a continually growing and evolving farm - operated completely organically, with no pesticides, no fertilizers, no fungicides, and no genetically modified seeds or plants.  We are in the process of obtaining our organic certification, and also in the middle of what will be a multi-year endeavor to become one of the only farms in the Northeast certified as Biodynamic by Demeter International.  

We first discovered the beauty of Litchfield County in 2004, when Rick and I decided to get a place in the country as a weekend retreat from our lives in New York City.  Located just 90 minutes from the city, it reminded us both of our childhoods in Ohio, with green rolling hills, farmland, and an obvious inherent respect for history and the environment shared by its residents.  After settling on Washington Depot, our determination to locate a large piece of land adjacent to Steep Rock Preserve eventually resulted in a phone call from our broker one morning who told us that a farm that we had previously identified as our dream site might be available.  A quick tour of the farm with our chocolate lab Jake - all unbridled enthusiasm, tail wagging, barking and muddy coat - ended with a signed contract on the Fourth of July. 

Established as a tobacco farm in the 1700’s, Hedgelawn was originally known as Hartwell Farm, and consisted of all of the land in and surrounding Steep Rock Preserve.  Owned by just three families over the course of its history, we have been thrilled at the last several years of discovery as we have peeled back the layers at the farm to expose its original roots.  The tasks of clearing, pond reconstruction, site layout and planting have now been largely completed, or at least enough for us to get started with the dream of planting, growing, and eating food as nature and God intended, with no fertilizers, no GMO’s, organic, and with a biodynamic philosophy. 

We love to share our story, and our philosophy on food, admittedly in the hopes that we can convince you to join us and start eating "REAL FOOD" again!


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